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    Garage Organization Ideas 2020-2022

    Your garage is not just a place to keep your car safe. It is also a place where you can store a lot of things. Organizing your garage will allow you to put more on your garage and here are some great ideas to make it easier to organize your garage. 

    Do General Cleaning First

    General cleaning means removing everything from your garage so you can sort them out. Sort out what you need and what you can give for donation. Declutter and remove things that you no longer need to free more space. 

    Install Cabinets and Shelves

    How you can you add more storage in your garage? You can install floating cabinets or shelves to free some floors and space. Aside from giving you more place to store your things, it can also make your garage look tidier. 

    Categorize each shelf and cabinet. Use one shelf for your gardening tools and another for your carpentry tools. In this way, it is easier for you to look for your tools whenever you need one. 

    Cabinets and shelves can be made of plastic or steel. Always have a ladder in case your hanging shelves are a bit high. Also, make sure to put locks on your cabinets and shelves for additional security. 

    Paint Your Garage

    One of the first steps to reorganize your garage is to repaint it. Mix and match the paint in your garage to make it look livelier. 

    Install A Storage Wall

    A storage wall panel is a good addition to your garage. You can hang your power tools and wire bins in your DIY storage wall. You can also repaint it with colors that will match the color of your cabinets and shelves. 

    Hanging Bike Rack

    Do you own a bike? You can make more use of your garage space by installing a hanging rack for your bike. This is a space-saver idea especially if you own bikes and scooters. 

    Add Storage for Your Kid’s Toy

    If you have kids, then you probably have difficulties finding a place where you can store their toys. Put a storage rack for their toys in your garage. Use one corner of your garage and let your kids know their corner. It will also teach your kids to organize their toys and be more responsible. 


    Even if you are not a seasoned craftsman, you probably do and can do your DIY projects. If you have a workbench, make sure to add a space in your garage where you can have your workbench set-up. Make sure to have enough space for your workbench so you can work comfortably when you need to, even if you have your car parked. 

    Visualize Before You Start Your Garage Organization Project

    You can clean and remove everything from your garage first before starting visualizing. Visualize and plan your re-organization project. How many hooks would you need? What sizes? How many hanging shelves and cabinets? Buy everything you need before starting your garage makeover.

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