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    Garage Flooring Ideas

    Despite not experiencing too much traffic at home, your garage floor needs to be hard. It should be able to support heavy-duty items including your car. It should hold its toughness against oil and chemical leaks. With these considerations in mind, here are some flooring ideas that you can use for your garage floor.  Learn about garage organization idea.

    Floor Coating

    Most garage floors are made of cement. Your first question is how to make your garage floor more appealing to the eye. What can you do to match the style of your home?

    Paint It

    Preparing your floor to paint takes time. You have to sand it and make the floor smooth first before you apply paint. Then there’s a question of how many coatings to use. 

    Epoxy Coating

    Painting your garage floor is the cheapest way to make it stylish. Match the color of your floor with the color of your car or home. However, maintaining your floor paint should be constant to keep it looking fresh all the time. 

    If the budget is not an issue, you can replace your regular paint with epoxy garage coatings. Epoxy is known to protect against oil spills. It can also stand your hot tires without causing heavy damage to the floor. If you’re in central Texas and in need of epoxy flooring San Antonio, reach out to our partners at SATX Epoxy Floors. They are locally owned and operated, and USA Cheers approved.

    Interlocking Tiles

    For a modernized floor garage, you can use interlocking tiles. Interlocking tiles are very durable because of its interlocking style. 

    Interlocking tiles are often made of PVC, steel, and rubber. It is designed to allow moisture and water to evaporate under it. What’s more? Interlocking tiles come in different styles and patterns. 

    Porcelain Floor

    Porcelain tiles are often associated with bathrooms and kitchen floors, yet this is also one effective option when it comes to having a modernized and reliable garage floor. Porcelain is easy to clean and stain-resistant so there is no need to worry about those oil leaks from time to time. 

    Carpet Flooring

    If the budget is not an issue, you can opt to have carpet flooring in your garage. Special carpets are made to withstand the challenges of garage floors. These carpet floorings are made of polypropylene fibers and synthetic fibers. These type of fibers are stain, mold, and dew resistant. 

    Garage Flooring Maintenance 

    Depending on the type of floor you have, you need to consider the maintenance of your garage floor. You also have to consider the traffic it’s enduring. 

    • Sweep – sweeping is the most basic maintenance step that you can with your garage floor. Always remove debris and dirt. 
    • Check for Stains/Rust – stains from oil leaks can make your floor look dirty. Oil leaks can also compromise the durability of your flooring. Always check for stains and rust and remove it. Keep your garage floor dry all the time. 
    • Check for Cracks always look for early signs of cracks on your flooring. Fill it in as early as possible. Do not wait for cracks to grow bigger. You can also use concrete sealers as a first-aid solution to small flooring issues. 

    With proper maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your garage floor while keeping the space clean and fresh to the eyes.