Pamela Antista – Owner/Operator

Peach Bowl Halftime Show; Atlanta, Georgia
Peach Pre-Game Show; Atlanta, Georgia
Sugar Bowl Halftime Show; New Orleans, Louisiana
Orange Bowl Halftime Show, Miami, Florida
Citrus Bowl Halftime Show, Orlando, Florida
Gator Bowl Halftime Show; Jacksonville, Florida
Kickoff Classic Halftime Show; Giant Stadium, New Jersey
All American Bowl; Birmingham, Alabama
(personally selects performers for above events)


Super Bowl Halftime Show; Atlanta, Georgia


Cheerleading Competition Routines
High School and College
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Levels
Dance Competition Routines
Professionally – Collegiate, Collegiate Nationals
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Levels


Peach Bowl Parade; Atlanta, Georgia
Big Orange parade; Miami, Florida
Main Production Number
July 4th Parade; Atlanta, Georgia
Gator Bowl Parade; Jacksonville, Florida
Macy’s Christmas Parade; Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders and Dance Team
Georgia Tech (Nationally Ranked) Cheerleaders
Georgia Tech Dance Team
Trains and Coaches in 38 states for:
College and High School Cheerleaders and Dance Team
Conducts Workshops, Clinics and Summer Camps Nationwide
Adjudicates Nationally
Assists in the Training and Certification of Georgia High School

Association Cheer Coaches and Judges
Trained and Certified a Staff of 103 Instructors

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