Ikea vs Antiques

When it comes to decorating your office, room, or home in general, you might find yourself torn between looking for unique antiques or modern furniture from Ikea. Should you go for cheaper antique furniture or pick a modern table and chair for your home office?

Is secondhand furniture a good option? 

A secondhand oak table costs less as compared to an office table you can find in Ikea. However, aside from costing less, secondhand items can be redecorated. You can personalize it easily. If you are lucky, you might find yourself owning a unique oak table with unique history and story. 

How to take advantage of your secondhand haul?

With skills and a little of your artistic side, you can easily turn your secondhand buys into a modern furniture. 


You can repaint your antique furniture to match your current home interior design. Repainting your secondhand buy doesn’t just make it look fresher, it is also a good way to cover scratches and cracks from regular wear and tear. 

Give it a Makeover

Say you found a great antique cabinet but upon close inspection, you noticed some holes inside it. A simple makeover and repair can make your new cabinet more solid. You don’t have to rebuild it, just fill holes and cracks and make sure that it is well-maintained. 

You can even give antique mirrors a makeover to make it look more modern and less scary (as most horror movies depict). Spray paint it to bring out its best color (it works especially for mirrors with silver details). 

Modernize Your New Furniture 

Modernizing your antique furniture is easier if you can visualize in advance how it should look like. Styling it is very important. It means what you put on top of it counts especially if it is a table or a cabinet. Accessories can do a lot of wonder on how you can modernize your antique furniture.

Add Details

An old oak table with intricate handwork designs can be appealing to the eyes. Thrown in some details like a glass lamp or a geometric vase on top of it can make it more appealing. 

The secondhand market

Studies have shown that the secondhand market has become more popular especially to the younger generation. People have found different ways to have access to quality and affordable antique products. Auctions are no longer the only option to find these products. 

Despite its increasing popularity, a group of antique collectors have shared that the price of antiques even dropped to up to 45%. Interested individuals are now getting more hands-on when purchasing their furniture, visiting collector shops and store rather than ordering online. 

The antique hunt rule

If you are new to antique hunting, don’t set on looking for great buys like antiques from the 16th or 17th century. Make it realistic and look for a more accessible secondhand product such as a 20th-century living room set or lamps. Find an era that interests you such as the Victorian Era. Find antiques from that era and start decorating your home with modernized Victorian style furniture sets. 

Can you find such in Ikea? Ah, I don’t think so. You need to be more creative when finding a market to trust.