Mind Body Spirit

USA Cheers is an All-American cheerleading training company that was established over 20 years ago.  USA offers a wide array of cheerleading services to meet your individual and team needs.

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     U S A  CHEERS will now be focusing exclusively in the areas of TEAM choreography, stunting, safety, and creativity!  
U S A  CHEERS has always been recognized as a  leading cheer company throughout the country and now we are centering our goals on choreography for Nationals, State Championships, All Star Teams and Featured  Halftime routines for teams of all levels and age groups.  
U S A  CHEERS has the ability to work at your school or at your facility on a First Come basis. This allows a one-on-one basis for the choreography and more hands on training for your team.  Owner, Pamela Antista promotes her concept of “concierge choreography” which was developed to create more original routines that work with each team to strengthen them in the areas of stunting, pyramids and safety skills on their current level while continuing to more them forward.  
U S A Cheers will create the most original and  best choreographed routine possible  or you and your team’s success!!!
MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT concept was created by  U S A CHEERS and has been extremely successful over the years. We have established through strong coaching and choreography  you can develop the mind to understand cheerleading skills while building the body with technique and timing concepts to give confidence and work to reach individual goals and therefore develop a stronger team. Please contact USA CHEERS at  678-541- CHEER(2433) or usapama@aol.com to schedule your choreography , stunt and safety clinic or routine.
U S A CHEERS looks forward to working with you and your team to reach your goals and have the best CHEER season ever!!

The USA Cheers staff is made up of Collegiate and Alumi Cheerleaders from throughout the United States. USA also coaches competition teams in 38 states.

We look forward to working with you soon!